Be a Partner

Our main objective is to offer quality travel services to our travel service providers that include travel agencies, vendor-wide suppliers and affiliated providers.

Be a partner and get extra money or get more customer with Traveller Solution!

1. Travel Agency Program & Re Sellers

TravellerSolution partners with travel agencies and re sellers to make sure travelers have access to reliable, honest and secure transportation with reasonable prices.

If you have a travel agency or you are a transfer or tour seller this is for you!

Discount program for travel agencies and re sellers, offer your clients transfers to any place they go and earn extra money since we can give you a discount on the marked price. (sometime is better you put your own prices because our prices are very low.

Commission program for travel agencies and re sellers, you can ask they going your clients and we can give you commission for any transfer you give to us, could be like (to 3% or 5%).

Requirement  to participate in the Travel Agency Discount or Commission Program

  • You must complete the application form below.
  • Any agency can participate in the program.
  • Is free and you can start at any time, just send the transfer information by email or make book in our web page.
  • We can set up a account for you if you want. Do not need account to participate but is better because you see the report or history.

2. Affiliate Partners Solution

TravellerSolution and our partnes (TrasladosMiami, ShuttleToSawgrassMall, LimoCarServiceMiami) offer companies with travel-related websites an affiliate program which provides your company the opportunity to earn commission by selling our services through your website.

Requirement  to participate in the Affiliate Partners Solution

  • You must complete the application form below.
  • Is free.
  • This setup includes a credit card account and unique code allowing your company to earn commission on any available service type in our online reservation system.
  • You must fill out a credit application form and credit card authorization form and email it to
  • We can pay the commission via Paypal or direct deposit to your bank.
  • We can manage any account in any country.

We can give more detail if you are interested.

Thank you. Now, please proceed with completing the application below.

Travel Agency Application