Is your company licensed and Insured?Where does Traveller Solution provide transportation shuttle limo car service?

Serving Miami Dade (Miami), Broward (Fort Lauderdale), Palm Beach  and Orlando area . Rides can be booked in advance using any of our reservation methods. We do service at any time in anywhere.

What is the Agreements (Term & Conditions) and cancellation Policy?

We know plans can change, so we’ve designed an industry leading agreemnets and cancellation policy that’s flexible for our customers and supports the drivers.

Reservation Requirements: Passenger can request to be picked up at the curbside (baggage claim exit door) if you do not see the driver please call 305-400-9642. Be advised that you must provide a credit card number 6 hours prior pick up to confirm your reservation. Hourly rates will include tolls, pick-up / drop-off and stops at not extra charge, there is a minimum of (3 hrs for sedan)-(4 hrs limos) and (5 hrs for mini bus and bus). for hourly services. Services from any venues such as Stadiums and Arenas will have a surcharge of 1 hour of waiting time in advance or convertered to an hourly service.

Deposit: Credit card authorization form by e-mail fort third parties. By providing your credit card information you authorize Traveller Solution and Partners to charge your credit card for any of the following charges: Tolls, Parking, schedule change, cancellation fees, any kind of damages to vehicles (Includes Smoking and Sickness), extra stops, cleaning fee, ($1) one dollar per minute after 15 minutes of waiting time, any services or reservations between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. will have an extra night surcharge of $20.00 and a 5% will be added automatically to your final bill for Credit Cards Payments unless you paid cash to the driver. if you do not agree to any of these surcharges you can cancel at not charge.

Changes: Traveller Solutions and Partners will track your flight progress and adjust your pick up time based on any delays. If your flight is cancelled, there are no shuttle, hourly or limo service cancellation charges. Rates will not change once the reservation has been made.

Cancellations: cancellations within 4 hours of the ride will be billed 50% of the price quoted in the contract, if your service has been assigned and dispatched you will be charge 100% of the base rate. “NOT SHOW” Failure to contact our office in the event that you do not see your driver right away will result in the client being charged the full amount. There will be no refund issued if you fail to contact our office. Why do you charge a late cancellation fee? When you make a reservation, we ensure that a chauffeur and vehicle are reserved just for you and blocked from receiving any additional work. This fee goes towards paying a driver who has missed out on revenue because of the late cancellation.

Airport and Seaports Pickups: There is a 30 minute time allowance on Domestic flight arrivals and a 1 hour time allowance on International flight arrivals from the time the flight lands, after the time allowance wait time will be billed in 30 minute increments and will vary based on the hourly rate of the specific vehicle and the additional parking will be added in addition. Seaport Pickups: There is a 30 minute time allowance from the scheduled pickup time at the port, after the time allowance wait time will be billed in 30 minute increments and will vary based on the hourly rate of the specific vehicle.

Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. Not responsible for delays or trip termination due to weather or unsafe road conditions. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the van or limousine caused by client during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. Alcohol Consumption by minors and/or drug use by anyone is strictly prohibited by law. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). Smoking is not permitted in all of our vehicles. Not responsible for articles left in any vehicle. As far as personal belongings, we recommend that all valuables be removed from the vehicle when left unattended. Traveller Solution and its employees will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles. Traveller Solution and Partners will not be held responsible for any injuries caused by alcohol consumption, intoxication or failure to wear a seat belt.

Payment Method: Cash / Credit Card / Paypal / Wire Tranfer / Direct Bank Deposite (Bank of America). If we are fifteen minute late, you ride is FREE, guarantee. (Restrictions apply, only in airports).

Can you provide transportation for large events?

Yes. We routinely handle large groups of more than 500+ clients. Better yet, we have staff dedicated to bringing more than 10+ years of operational experience and event management expertise to help you coordinate the details of your event and ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

Does Traveller Solution offer corporate services?

Yes, we do.
Save money and time with us.

I have a small child, do I need to bring my own seat?

If your child is under the age of 5, legally your child must be in a car seat. You can bring your own child seat and there will be no additional charge for that. You can reserve a child seat during the booking process, for an additional fee. In some case we provided the car seat for free depending of the services.

In order to ensure the safety of the child and proper installation of the car seat. The law requires the passenger perform the installation.

What information is collected during booking and how is this information used?

Any information you provide to us when booking is confidential and never shared with a third party. We use the Stripe platform for credit card payment. Click here https://stripe.com/ if you want to get more information about credit card payment.

All transactions with Traveller Solution and partners take place on a secure server using SSL encryption technology to ensure your personal and payment details are protected. To prevent the unauthorized use of your credit card when the credit card is not physically present in the car we require Credit Card Authorization Form to be completed and send to us along with a clear photocopy of both sides of your credit card. Traveller Solution LLC and Partners will charge your credit card after your ride has been completed.

Do you allow pets?

Yes we do. Depending of the size could be add a extra.

How many passengers and bags can each vehicle type accommodate?

Sedans: 3 passengers with maximum 2 large pieces of bags and carry-ons.( no carry-ons accepted inside vehicles).

SUV’s: 6 passengers with maximum 4 large bags and carry-ons.

Van 5 passengers: 10 bags .

Van 8 passengers: 10 large bags.

Van 10 passengers: 10 large bags.

Van 14 passengers: 14 large bags. We use sometime a trailer.

  • All the large bags should be transported only in the trunk, no large bags or carry-ons are allowed inside the vehicles.
  • If your passenger/bag count exceeds the limits you will need to upgrade the vehicle type or you can reserve an additional vehicle.
  • Transportation safety regulations prohibit passengers and bags from riding in the front seat of the vehicle.
  • The driver has the right to refuse the ride if the passenger/bag count exceeds the limits of the vehicle, which will result in extra charges for you, so please book accordingly.
is it important to create an account?

You do not need a Traveller Solution  account to make a reservation via our website.

What is the Traveller Service “Service Guarantee”?

After you have received your confirmation number, we guarantee that your vehicle will be waiting for you on the requested date at the reserved location and time.

How do i book a car? (sedan, SUV, limousine, shuttle, mini bus or bus)

You can make a reservation by e-mail, through the website https://travellersolution.com/new-reservation/  or call us at +1 305.400.9642 Depending on which type of transfer, sometimes full payment in advance is required. All major credit cards are accepted, Paypal and cash.

When do I receive my booking confirmation?

Confirmations are sent via email right after bookings are completed.

Changing Your Transfer Arrangements?

Subject to availability, you may change your transfer details any time up to 6 hours prior to your time of transfer. Please do this via calling us +1 305.400.9642 or send to us a email asap.

Which channels can I use to book, change, and cancel a ride?

You can make change or cancel only by e-mail.

You can a make a bookings through our website, e-mail or by calling us.

How much time in advance do I need to make a reservation for your tours and / or transportation?

We recommend you confirm your tour and / or transportation with us as soon as possible to ensure availability. Nonetheless we welcome last minute reservations and are more than happy to search for availability and accommodate your request.

What is the booking process?

Once you have submitted a request for a quote either online or by phone, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail. You will be required to sign a reservation confirmation as well as make a deposit when booking an order.

Your reservation or book will be confirmed when you have already paid. In some cases you can pay direct to the driver.

How do I add extra stops to my one-way transfer booking?

You can request additional stops in the field “symbol +” when making a reservation. However, there may be additional charges for waiting time or distance, since additional stops are not included in the price shown.

If you want to make multiple or long stops, we recommend that you book a trip per hour to ensure the availability of the driver. You can make as many stops as you wish during one reservation per hour.

Do not worry! make a reservation with stops, we will let you know how much will be.

What if my flight is early or delayed?

Our operators will track your flight and adjust your reservation accordingly in the event of a delay or early arrival. Please make sure that you provide us with your airline and flight number at time of booking. 

For most airport pickups, our driver will meet you at baggage claim for domestic flights, and outside of customs for international flights, and will hold a sign with your name (additional fee applies). Just look for a sign with your name on it, and if you don’t see it, simply call the number on your trip confirmation and we will locate the driver for you.

For all other service types, our driver will be on location by the time indicated on your trip confirmation. If you don’t see your driver at the reserved time, simply call the number on your trip confirmation and we will locate the driver for you.

Do you provide meet and greet service at the airport and port?

Yes we do in all event. All of Traveller Solution and Partner rides include Meet & Greet service for airport pickups. The chauffeur will wait at the exit after baggage claim with a personalized pickup sign or sign under your name. For airport pickups where the meeting point is different, the location will be written in the booking confirmation email.


1. For Curbside pickup at no additional cost.

2. For Domestic flight the meet and greet is FREE, the customer will pay what is spent in parking. The driver will be waiting for you inside the terminal where the bags are collected on that flight.

3. For International flight we charge $20. Once you will get out from custom you will see your driver with the sign

We do not meet and greet in Ports unless you want to pay $20.  The vehicle waits at the respective holding area until they receive your call. At that time, the vehicle will pull around to the baggage claim area to pick up your party.

call the driver that was assigned to you.  If for some reason the driver is not there or you do not find, please call us at +1 305.400.9642.

Our vehicles will be waiting at the respective holding area according to flight or ship’s arrival time.

What happens if I miss my pickup? What is the policy for a No-Show?

A “No-Show” will be charged the full rate.  If you cannot locate your chauffeur at the designated pickup point on your reservation, call our dispatchers +1 305.400.9642 so that our team can connect you with your driver without delay and you can avoid a “no show” charge.  In the event that your plans change, or you miss your flight, call +1 305.400.9642 as soon as possible, since a cancellation, even a few hours before pickup, may not result in any charge to you.

What time should I schedule my car from the Port? I don’t know what time I will be off the ship!

Most cruises start letting passengers off the ship between 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, but you still need to get your luggage and pass customs & immigration. If you have an early flight, you must carry your own luggage off the ship. They always let the passengers with their own luggage disembark first. Call your driver o company 30 min before you get off the ship make sure everything are under control.

Can you guarantee that you driver will be at the Airport on time?

Our drivers always make the best effort to arrive on time, however at times it is difficult to predict road traffic and other situations outside of our control. These instances are very rare and we can almost guarantee that our drivers will always be on time.

If we are fifteen minute late,
you ride is FREE, guarantee. (only in airports)

How should I choose the pickup time at airports?

Are you traveling domestically or internationally? If you will go through immigration and customs, wait times can vary depending on the origin of travel. For example, airport line wait times are longer in the U.S. than the U.K. Whether you are traveling with hand luggage or checked baggage can also make a difference. For international flyers, we recommend one hour of buffer time between the flight arrival and your pickup time.

To accommodate unexpected delays, all airport pickups come with an hour of complimentary wait time. Plus, if you provide your flight or train details when booking we will track your arrival time and adjust your pickup time accordingly where possible. If there is a very long delay and the chauffeur is unable to wait, we will contact you to work out an alternative solution.

Why should I enter my flight number?

The flight number allows us to track the flight’s status and adjust the pickup time for any delays or early arrivals (where possible), as well as ensuring the chauffeur waits at the right terminal.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We do accept all major credit cards (American Express, VISA, Master Card, Dinner and Discover). Also you can pay by Paypal, cash or bank transfer. We work with Bank of America.

Please contact us if you need special arrangements for payment, we are very flexible and eager to work with you. We just let you know that any payment with credit card have a extra charge of 5%..

Traveller Solution charge extra if we pay by credit card?


When I use a credit card, do I have to present the card to the driver?

You MUST bring the card with you and present it to the driver for processing at the completion of the trip. If the credit card is not present you must to pay cash to the driver.

Will I get a receipt of my ride?

Yes, you will receive an e-receipt as soon we charged your credit card.

Do I pay for parking, tolls and Tips?

In some cases Parking is not included in your quote and are the responsibility of the customer. Tips and toll are included in your quote. If you’d like to tip the driver extra for his great service, we will be appreciate.

The amount of my final receipt doesn’t match the quote provided to me?

Please check if you did a changed or any extra like parking, stop, credit card commission or wait time was added to your service as stated in the confirmation. If we are wrong please call and we will get a solution.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees. You can see everything you paid in your reservation or final invoice.

The calculator calculates the base rate from point to point or hourly rates,as per your request you might ask for extra stops, a child car seat or any other extra service that is chargeable.

Processing Fee Applies.on all type of cards. (3% credit card processing + 7% tax = 10%) you will pay half 5%.

Please read your Term and Conditions before do a book because everything is very clear there.

Can i book and pay for a ride for someone else?

Yes you can, using our website you will need to enter passenger information in the ride details, including the best number to contact the passenger, also your info on the others camps, including your phone number. For payment method, you can enter/use your credit card information.

Information about shuttle to Sawgrass Mills Mall
What is the different between private and share tour?

Private tours will only include your group and the guide/driver. These tours offer the most personalized attention, and several will allow you to dictate the locations visited during the tour.

Private tour is more expensive than share tour.

The prices of the shared tours are charged per person while the private ones are charged per time.

Are animals allowed on tours?

In most cases animals are not allowed to come with you on a shared tour but we can do an exception on a private tour.

Tours Cancellation Policy?

We understand your travel plans may change. With that in mind, Traveller Solution (Shuttle To Sawgrass Mall) and partners has a very simple cancellation policy: just give us 24 hours notice prior to your pickup time and you will receive a full refund. Refunds normally show up on your account within 3-5 business days.

Please note that Traveller Solution (Shuttle To Sawgrass Mall) cannot refund payment in the event of a No-Show, or if your reservation is cancelled with less than 12 hours prior to pickup time.

How far in advance should I reserve a bus?

Traveller Solution Charter Buses service does sell out quickly depending on where and when you need the service.

Remember, these buses are used by schools and colleges, churches and private groups, corporation and government accounts all year long. We suggest booking as soon as you know you’ll need the service.

A deposit is due within two weeks of receiving a quote. Payment in full is due two weeks prior to trip date.

Is there a discount for renting more than one bus?

Typically, when booking 2 or more buses in a single area you will receive a quantity discount. Discounts are always dependent on availability and time of year. $120 per hour estimate cost for each bus.

How do i go about booking a coach for my group?

Step 1) Determine a general itinerary including date(s) of trip, pickup and drop off times plus the trip origination and destination locations.

Step 2) Call, e-mail or use our online reservation system to check availability and obtain a quote.

Step 3) No matter how you inquire with Traveller Solution and Partners we will provide you a written quote via e-mail. Please check the quote for accuracy and respond with any changes. Note that changes could alter the quote price. The quote will stay valid in our system pending receipt of a deposit for two weeks. If a deposit is not received within 2 weeks the quote will be cancelled.

Step 4) If you want to book the trip send us the required deposit within two weeks of receiving the quote. You can coordinate a quote with a sales agent or through our website booking system.

Step 5) After receiving the quote we will send you a contract via e-mail.

Step 6) The balance of the trip is due two weeks prior to the trip. Without payment in full the bus reservation will be deemed invalid.

Note: that charters not paid in full prior to the trip date are subject to cancellation.

Can i bring food on the bus?

Your group can bring food on the bus, but is responsible for cleaning up the coach prior to trip end. We provides a garbage bag at the front of the coach to assist with this process. Any damage from food or drinks to the bus will be charged to the group.

If I don’t need the bus for the whole day, do I still need to pay for it all day?

Typically, operators have a 4 or 5 hour minimum on their buses. However, there are some operators who offer a transfer rate if you have a one-way short trip (i.e. Airport Transfer). Check out our Traveller Solution Charter Buses pricing to learn more or ask an account executive.

Still have a question? No problem. Send us an e-mail to info@travellersolution.com now and we'll get right back to you with the information you need.